Knight Manager Lottery

Welcome to the Knight Manager Lottery!

Next Lottery: 09/24/23
Type: Giveaway
Bet: No bet required
Jackpot: 1 Treasure Chest and 1 Key

How it works

Every Sunday there is either a draw or a giveaway. You can always find the information about the next lottery at the top of each page.

To participate in a draw, you register your knight via the Participate your knight menu item by simply filling out the form. Then you send the required bet to the following knight:
Player name: Lotterie
Player number: 10
The bets will be collected there and the winnings will also be distributed by this knight. Make sure that your bet arrives at the latest at 12AM CET on the day of the drawing at the lottery. Otherwise, unfortunately, your participation can not be counted.

To participate in a giveaway, you also simply fill out the form under the menu item Participate with your knight. For giveaways, in principle, no bet is required.

How exactly does the determination of the winner work?

Quite simple: Throughout the day of the draw or giveaway, a winner is determined. In a draw a number between 1 and 50 is drawn, maximum 3 times per draw, in a giveaway one of the participants is drawn by generator. Shortly thereafter, the result can be found under the menu item Past lotteries.

What happens if there is no winner in a draw after three numbers are drawn?


If, however, no winner can be determined in a draw, the same stake will be played again in the following lottery. If you do not resend your bet and do not register your knight again, the previous bet will be lost for you in any case.